If you love a tuna sandwich then you will love my vegan toona sandwich, and it packs more of a nutritional punch!

The base of this “toona” is artichoke hearts and white beans. You may be shaking your head right now but stay with me here. The beans melt in your mouth while the chopped artichoke hearts give you more of the mouth feel that you would expect from tuna. Now let’s talk about the benefits of these 2 plant based ingredients.


Artichokes are a superfood in every sense of the word! They have more antioxidants than many other foods traditionally considered to be antioxidant-rich such as dark chocolate, blueberries and red wine.


The other benefits include:

  • High in dietary fiber
  • Great for digestive support
  • Helps in lowering cholesterol levels
  • Brain and cognitive benefits
  • Great for liver health
  • Cancer prevention
  • High in folic acid
  • Helps to combat high blood pressure
  • Good for bone health
  • Assists metabolic function
  • Provides protection against free radicals

White beans:

  • Contains cancer-fighting properties
  • Rich in fiber- 1 cup satisfies 45% of the recommended daily value
  • Heart healthy
  • Rich in thiamin
  • Detoxifies sulfites


1 can of white northern beans- drained and rinsed (low sodium)
1 can of artichoke hearts packed in water (drained and chopped)
then everything you would put in tuna to make a tuna sandwich
red onion
Vegenaise (or your favorite vegan mayo)
pink sea salt and pepper to taste

Mash the white beans, add in the chopped artichoke hearts- mix this up and then add in everything else.