With the hot weather I have been eating banana nice cream daily. Then one day I realized I was missing an opportunity to get more greens into my diet. That day the “green smoothie banana nice cream” was born. You cannot taste the greens at all. I have been eating this daily- with toppings, without toppings it is all good!


1 whole head of romaine lettuce heart (from Costco)
1/4 cup of raw almond milk (or a tbsp of raw almond butter and 1/4 water)
tbsp of maca powder
4-5 large frozen bananas in pieces

Put lettuce, almond milk, and Maca powder into blender and blend down. Add frozen bananas and blend until smooth.

You cannot even taste the romaine lettuce- it just made the ice cream green. Toppings optional. I usually top with chia seeds, sprouted buckwheat cereal (it is soaked, sprouted and dehydrated) or coconut shreds.  Roughly about 600 calories. A huge bowl of ice cream that you can eat for lunch!