Benefits of Spirulina and Wheatgrass

Are you getting enough greens in your diet? It is a non-negotiable! You need lots of greens. There are so many ways to get more greens into your diet: green smoothies, green juices, salads, and my detox chia seed pudding.

The green in the pudding is from spirulina powder. If you haven’t used it before then I highly recommend that you order a 1 lb bag from Starwest Botanicals.
The benefits include:

  1. Builds immune system
  2. It is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent
  3. Improves digestive system and gastrointestinal tracts
  4. Balances the boyd’s pH level
  5. Regulates blood pressure
  6. Regulates the hormone system
  7. Lowers blood cholesterol level
  8. Reduces food craving and insulin intake
  9. Eliminates heavy metals in the body
  10. It has 4x more iron then raw beef liver
  11. It has 26x more calcium than milk
  12. It has 18 amino acids
  13. It has 96 trace elements
  14. It has 60% protein per serving. It is the most protein rich food on the planet

Spirulina is that amazing! I add it to my green smoothies (as well as the leafy greens), I add it to my fresh juices, and this chia seed pudding.

You can also swap out the spirulina for wheatgrass powder. Wheatgrass is another amazing superfood. I make sure to get a wheatgrass shot a couple of times a week. With the powder you can make sure you are getting it into your diet daily or least every other day.

The benefits of wheatgrass:

  1. It is a potent detoxifier
  2. It is high in many different enzymes
  3. It improves digestion and bowel movements
  4. It restores alkalinity to the blood, it also cleanses and builds the blood.
  5. It is a complete protein
  6. It aids in weight loss
  7. It increases energy levels
  8. Slows the aging process
  9. It is an anti-inflammatory
  10. Clears skin and reduces body odor (all chlorophyll does this)
  11. Improves blood sugar disorders
  12. Removes toxins from the body
  13. Accelerates wound healing
  14. Balances hormones

I hope you add both of these amazing superfoods to your diet. You can get both powders at Starwest Botanicals.

In this recipe you can swap out the spirulina for the wheatgrass powder. If you have both items on hand I suggest making some of each.

Detox Chia Seed Pudding

1 1/3 cup plant based milk (I used raw almond milk but you but you could use any store bought plant based milk)
4.5 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp raw agave nectar or maple syrup
1.5 tsp spirulina or wheatgrass powder

put all ingredients in a mason jar, top with lid and shake it until well blended. Put into refrigerator for several hours or overnight. To serve top with fresh fruit and coconut shreds.