One thing I hear over and over is that it is hard to stay plant based while traveling or at a family BBQ/gathering. I find it very easy to stay plant based while traveling, it just takes a little planning.

I have had 2 weekends out of state this month and I stayed hydrated and plant based both times. Here are my tips so you can do the same:

  1. Fill a cooler with water, unpastuerized orange juice (I get small bottles at Trader Joe’s), cold pressed juices (found at a local juice place or Starbucks, bottles of nutmilks, fresh fruit and veggies.
  2. If you know you will have access to a stove at your destination stop at the grocery store and get veggie burgers, whole grain buns, salad fixings, Amy’s organic veggie soup etc.. for quick meals.
  3. If you know you will be eating out while on your trip check the menu online before going. This will allow you to see what you can put together directly from the menu. I stopped at a pizza place on my way home from my last trip. This particular place had donated 40 pizzas to the charity walk I was a part of and I wanted to thank them with my $$ so I ordered a mini veggie pizza without cheese and it was delicious! If the pizza place has great reviews about their crust you know the pizza will taste great without cheese. Some pizza place has vegan options on the menu.
  4. Stay raw during the day and eat a cooked vegan meal for dinner. This is always my strategy. I find my family really tries to accomodate my diet so I show my appreciation by eating what they make me at dinner. I eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies, and green drinks during the day and a great vegan meal for dinner.
  5. Bring a baggie or jar of green powders and liquid chlorophyll to put into your water and unpastuerized orange juice for a quick and easy green drink. I drink 4 bottles of water with liquid chlorophyll a day, and 2 green juices a day. This keeps me feeling light through out my trip.
  6. Nothing is easier than a plate of fresh veggies and fruit.
  7. Make something for your family that you know they will like- a pasta salad, a vegan dessert, or a huge veggie salad. That way you have something to eat and you can show your family and friends that eating plant based is delicious.

There you have it. You can go on a trip and stick to healthy eating very easily. Maybe even lose a few pounds while traveling.