These donuts look amazing and they are guilt free!! You can also change up the toppings. Dried goji berries, hemp seeds, crispy buckwheat (also known as buckies in the raw food world), flax seeds. You can also use different nut butters or even coconut butter. The key is that whatever butter you use it needs to be raw.


1 large Fuji apple
Raw almond butter
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut shreds
chia seeds

Core the apple and slice into thick slices (I got 5 slices from my apple not including the ends). Drizzle or spread raw almond butter onto each slice, coat the top with coconut and then sprinkle with chia seeds. That’s it!! Believe me when I say that one of these donuts is enough for a snack, so if you are just making for you- just cut one slice off the apple. I made the whole plate for my 4 boys and I. If I was just making for me- I would just cut 1 slice and wrap up the apple for later consumption.