10 Day Guided Green Smoothie Cleanse, 14 Day Modified Green Smoothie Cleanse, 30 Day Beginner Smoothie Challenge




Welcome to my Green Smoothie Challenge. There are 3 cleanses/challenges to choose from- and we will figure out which one will best suit you. For those who are ready to just dive in from the high dive- we have the 10 day green smoothie challenge- 3 qts of green smoothie daily, snacks are fresh veggies and fruit. Then there is the modified cleanse which is 14 days of 2 qts green smoothie per day, a healthy dinner and snacks are fresh veggies and fruit. Lastly is the Beginners Smoothie Challenge. If you normally eat a very simple diet or are not used to eating a lot of veggies and fruit let alone fiber then you should start here. 1 qt of green smoothie is added to you already existing diet. That is it. Keep eating what you normally eat but add in that green smoothie.

Upon payment and a couple of days prior to the day you wish to start- you will be added to a private group where you will have access to recipes, articles about cleansing and green smoothies, a place to ask me questions and get the support you need. I will provide green smoothie recipes daily, answer all questions, provide a shopping list, and be available to you for support and encouragement for the entirety of your cleanse.

A green smoothie cleanse is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your body- as you will be consuming at least 64 ounces of green smoothie per day (about 1 blenderful of smoothie) – which is very filling and they are delicious! My hope is that after your cleanse that you will continue to drink a green smoothie daily.

Upon payment you will be added to my secret Facebook group for 30 days- even if you are doing the 10 or 14 day cleanse you will be in the group for 30 days so you have the support coming off of your cleanse. I want you to walk away from this confident that you could do it again on your own in the future, and that you have all of your questions answered and all the support you need to make this a lifelong habit.

Your 10 and 14 day cleanse will:

  • cleanse you from gluten, grains, sugar, and other processed and artificial foods
  • restore your energy
  • jumpstart weight loss
  • fuel your body with real, whole food that your body recognizes and can use
  • allow your digestive system to heal and eliminate wastes
  • encourage liver-loving foods as well as liquids to flush your kidneys
  • provide detoxifying practices for your lungs, skin, and lymphatic system
  • restore an alkaline condition to your body
  • balance expanding and contracting foods
  • allow for optimal digestion through proper food combining
  • stabilize your blood sugar
  • add back high quality beneficial bacteria for an optimally functioning, healthy gut and immune system


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