Do you struggle with food addiction? I do. I have been diving into learning all I can on this topic. Having lived with an alcoholic for 25 years I also have my own spin on this. I believe like all other addictions there has to be abstinence. No cheat days, no moderation. Abstinence. Yes we have to eat, but we don’t have to eat everything there is to eat.
The key is to find what your trigger foods are. For me- it is anything that is premade or processed. This means: no fast food (even vegan fast food), no processed foods, nothing with sugar. If I go out to a restaurant I eat first at home (or try to) and order a salad (because I am not fortunate enough to live near a super cool healthy vegan establishment). If I go to Whole Foods- nothing premade, stick to the salad bar or a vegan chicken salad sandwich on whole grain bread with no sides.

You have to figure out the triggers- honestly figure them out. This is where you start. Abstain from your trigger foods. Eat more of everything else which should be fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.